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How ‘hippie’ artists revived a quake-hit ghost town

Artists revive ghost town Early one morning in 1959 a ceramic artist from Turin known simply as Clizia arrived in Bussana Vecchia, a medieval hilltop village about five miles northeast of Sanremo that had been an absolute ghost town for 72 years.

Many would follow as the counterculture of the ’60s brought new residents – to the chagrin of some in government.

In opulent Monaco, not all that glitters is golden

Trouble in Monaco Ruled by the descents of a noble Genoese family and just 26 km from the border of Italy, the principality of Monaco today seems a setting from a James Bond movie, a place where the impossibly elegant and rich gather to gamble, entertain themselves and sigh over the state of the world.

But not all is luxury brunches and Lamborghinis.

The remarkable rehabilitation of Silvio Berlusconi

Resurgence of Berlusconi Even in a land of imperial legends, the tale of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has reached almost mythic proportions. Long basking in the glow of power and fame, he fell far as he was banished from office for tax fraud and derided for his moral failings.

Yet the old campaigner is back.

Back to the future: ‘Old’ skills to sort digital world

Fake news Italy With Italy set for national elections on March 4, Europe is again on edge, keeping a wary eye on the potential rise of populism and misinformation that could still threaten the continental union.

After elections in major European countries that returned centrist governments to power last year, Italy remains the missing piece.

Italy lagging with low charge in electric vehicles

Electric car sales in Italy Last year Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne famously termed the notion of an electric Ferrari “obscene”.

His statement might embody Italian grandeur and love for the roar and power of a muscular high-performance engine, but it also helps explain why Italy trails other major European countries in electric car sales.


Guitar master Al Di Meola: Italian roots that resonate

Al Di Meola, Blue Note Milan

Al Di Meola grew up hearing the name of an Italian village throughout his life: Cerreto Sannita in Benevento province. And it continues to resonate in him like a guitar on reverb.

We met the jazz fusion and world music legend at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Milano where he had a wonderful show together with two other virtuosos, Sardinian guitarist Peo Alfonsi and accordion player Fausto Beccalossi.



Iconic designers: Q and A with Angela Missoni

Angela Missoni

Twenty years have passed since Angela Missoni took the helm of the fashion house founded by her visionary parents Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. They debuted their revolutionary knitwear in 1953.

The innovative, chic aesthetic of Missoni made a name through its tightly woven zigzag pattern. It continues today with Angela.



Mysterious death of dashing count, a Fiat founder

Cold case:Mysterious death in Italy The pretty Piedmont town of Fubine is steeped in fine wine and food like so many places in Italy, but it also holds a shadowy tale with all the elements of a mystery thriller – vast wealth, the founding of an industrial empire, missing important papers and untimely deaths.