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EU: ‘Recovering food, places and people’

Reducing food waste in Europe

Our mothers often told us to finish our meal, reminding us that there are people less fortunate who don’t have enough to eat. Europe is trying to take that admonishment to an institutional level by establishing a system that can bring surplus food to those who need it.

About a third of all food produced globally is wasted, according to the United Nations FAO.


Italy’s international trade on the rise: ISTAT

Italian imports and exports on the rise

In another sign Italy’s economy is on the mend, exports to non-EU countries rose 13.9 percent in May over same month in 2016, while imports increased 22.3 percent, according to just-released data from the national statistics agency ISTAT.

Though imports outpaced exports for the month, Italy’s trade balance remained positive with a surplus of €2.658 million.


Falling birthrates challenge Italy – and Europe

Italy's falling birthrate

The population of Italy declined by 96,000 last year as the country’s birthrate fell below half a million for the second consecutive year, according to just released figures from the national statistics agency ISTAT.

Low birthrates have been making headlines for years as Italy battled a prolonged recession, but the trend actually began long before.



Musical tributes and movie honor timeless Pavarotti

Trubutes to Italian great

It is almost 10 years since Luciano Pavarotti’s passing on September 6, 2007, though his legacy will live on forever.

“I would like to be remembered as man who brought opera to the masses,” the legendary tenor said in an interview. The most beloved and celebrated tenor since Caruso will be remembered for that, but also for his robust and passionate life.



‘Breaking Walls’: An artistic journey with migrants

Italy's migrants English

Through his use of color and brush work, prominent painter William Papaleo shows the new face of Italy. He humanizes migrants, showing them as people instead of statistics, giving us depictions that are full of potent emotion.

The artist captures the texture and toil of Southern Italy, a place that has absorbed layers of history and sunlight for centuries.