La Piantata agriturismo: At one with nature


Nestled among the hills near an old Etruscan settlement in the Maremma Laziale north of Rome and south of Tuscany, La Piantata agriturismo has truly gone back to nature to thrive in modern tourism. It offers scenic rooms, certified organic products grown and produced onsite and even treehouses for guests to enjoy.

At 385 meters above sea level just 8 kilometers from enchanting town of Capodimonte on Lake Bolsena, the outstanding country inn is located in the small village of Arlena di Castro and centered in a 19th century farmhouse wholly surrounded by nature, 13 hectares of lavender, and basking in the shadow of nine towering centuries-old oaks.
La Piantata
Renzo Stucchi's love for nature convinced him to buy a derelict 19th century farm that has been transformed into a setting of serenity and beauty.

Cool even on the sweltering days of summer in central Italy, the popular eco-holiday getaway near the old Etruscan town of Tuscania is just a 90-minute drive from Rome. The manicured lawn surrounding the manor is dotted with a number of cottages used to provide B&B guests a respite from the frenzy of city life.

Amid picturesque horizons and evocative stillness, La Piantata has four double bedrooms and three two-room apartments with kitchenettes. All are in Provençal style, with each named after the plant that dominates its colors and space, ensuring a relaxing stay.

The shade of centuries-old trees cool the property and also hold two treehouses, the Suite Blue and the Black Cabin. The Suite Blue is built in one of the oldest oaks in Europe, some eight or nine centuries old, surrounded by lavender fields. The Black Cabin is the largest of its kind in Europe, enabling you to realize a dream many of us have had, at least as children, to while away the hours from a tree-borne eyrie.
Europe's biggest treehouse
The luxury Black Cabin treehouse covers 87 square meters and is 7 meters off the ground, offering a 360-degree view onto olive groves, fields of lavender, the mountains of Cimini and in the distance the sea of Tarquinia.

These treehouses are no childhood constructions: the Black Cabin covers 87 square meters and is 7 meters off the ground, offering an incredible 360-degree view onto olive groves with more than 1,800 plants, fields of lavender, the mountains of Cimini and in the distance the sea of Tarquinia.

And the surroundings offer another bounty: Organic products including la Piantata’s top-quality extra-virgin olive oil and lavender honey produced by its own bees that is cold pressed to maintain all its goodness. The olive groves planted in the 19th century are cultivated on terraces to ensure the best nutrients, resulting in an exceptionally high-quality fruit.

Its products also include jams made from 100 percent organic fruit in a wide range of flavors. They are free from MSG, artificial coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors or thickeners. All products produced by La Piantata are certified as organic by Biocert Bologna.

The farm also raises pure-bread Spanish horses and produces a limited amount of fine wine.

The natural goodness of the site also yields cosmetics. Its new line of bio-ecological cosmetics Essenze d'Etruria springs from the ancient village of Tuscania. The initiative is the brainchild of a group of friends who together are guardians of one of the most important organic lavender farms in Italy. From that patrimony they created a complete range of skin and body care products that specialize in the protection of sensitive skin.

They combine the anti-oxidant and softening qualities of olive oil with the soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of lavender.

The skin-care products are all certified by the Institute for the Certification of Ethical Environment and are made using only original natural ingredients cultivated according to rigorous organic standards. For the most sensitive skins the products are formulated with delicate detergents free from sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, the usual causes of skin irritation. All products are without synthetic perfumes, colorants or preservatives.

Visitors can also admire the property’s 4th century B.C. Etruscan tomb with its extraordinary frescoed beam ceiling.
La Piantata treehouse
The overlooking pool and ancient oak holding Europe’s largest treehouse.

In fact the farm stands in an area of great touristic and archaeological value. The surroundings include Lake Bolsena, and the Montalto di Castro and Capalbio beaches. Also nearby are the Terme dei Papi spas, and the ancient towns and villages of Tuscania, Tarquinia, Vulci, Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana and Civita di Bagnoregio.

Owner Renzo Stucchi was born in Legnano near Milan. After working several years as a pastry chef in the best Milanese patisserie and cafes, he entered the creative world of fashion, becoming CEO of Cacharel Italia. In 1999 he and his wife Rosella left Milan for Arlena di Castro.

It was tranquility and love for nature that convinced Renzo to buy the derelict 19th century farm, which over almost two decades, he has transformed into a unique setting that exudes serenity and beauty, an environment where you want to sit in contemplation, read and walk through luxuriant woods and centuries-old olive trees, then relax in the overlooking pool with its incredible views of the valley.

La Piantata is an authentic and whole person-oriented agriturismo that offers specialized programs and customized approaches supporting guests as they embrace happiness and balance in their lives. The holistic approach is part of La Piantata’s commitment to the personal needs of guests in their care.
Lavender in Italy
From one of the most important organic lavender farms in Italy, a complete range of skin and body care products are made that specialize in the protection of sensitive skin.

A landscaped garden setting provides both a functional outdoor space, but also a deep nature experience for visitors. The sensory gardens and pathways include picnic and trekking areas.

At La Piantata visitors can also hug trees. “Trees are a source of emotional and physical healing,” says Stucchi. “When we hug a tree, it absorbs our negative energies while we in turn are able to absorb the tree’s beneficial qualities. Tree-hugging is good for you and it’s been scientifically proven.”

The vibrational energy from trees is abundant at La Piantata, a country inn whose name means planting, the act of sowing seeds.