Da Vinci code: Fine Tuscan shoes stride online

The small town of Vinci outside Florence, Italy is a household word across the world as the birthplace of the most gifted genius and polymath in Western history – the great Leonardo. Yes, that one: Leonardo da Vinci.

But for discerning buyers Vinci is also renowned for other reasons. At the heart of Tuscan leather artistry, the town’s craftsmen have long made wallets, belts, coats and shoes that are coveted globally. Many consider the region’s products and leather the finest in the world.
Fine men's shoes from Tuscany
The Sieve model named for a river in Tuscany are ankle shoes for the winter season, perfect for casual elegance.

A rising presence is Lorante Handmade in Tuscany, a producer of top-quality men’s shoes and accessories founded by two brothers who are embracing their own heritage in Vinci craftsmanship. The artisans in their father’s workshop have been making shoes for the very top brands in the world for 40 years, products that continue to be sold in exclusive shops in Milan, Beverly Hills, Dubai and many other cities.

The brothers have now given their legacy a modern shine by taking the business online and international.

Andrea and Lorenzo Telesca started the brand a year ago so any man can experience the quality of a Tuscan shoe. “We call it accessible luxury,” says Andrea. “Through innovation, new technologies and e-commerce we are delivering what were before niche products to a mass audience.”

They have cut out pricey middlemen to bring the time-honored skills of their father’s workshop artisans directly to consumers at an affordable cost.

Andrea, 32, continues to think globally, yet now again lives locally. After graduation with a degree in economics, he spent some years in the world of international high finance working for an American multinational in Milan. Eventually he realized traditions that lasted centuries offer qualities sometimes lacking in today’s world. Armed with the present, he is revisiting the past.

He rejoined younger brother Lorenzo, who also has a degree in economics, in Vinci to start Lorante Handmade in Tuscany. Today they offer timeless, classic craftsmanship to buyers worldwide.

“I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and want to be an entrepreneur myself,” says Andrea. He recognizes that his father’s workshop produces shoes that deserve a wider market.
Online shoes from Tuscany Italy
The Lapo model, an Oxford wingtip trendy with jeans, is named for a poet friend of legendary writer Dante Alighieri.

Crafted with timeless designs and modern detailing, Lorante men’s shoes offer looks for everyday styling or formal occasions. The line designed for men of any age also includes sneakers.

With Lorante shoes you never sacrifice style, proper fit or comfort with dress shoes, lace-up derby shoes, boots or high-top sneakers all available online.

“Our shoes can be used every day by professionals and businessmen who appreciate quality and comfort,” says Andrea. “They are lightweight and soft – good for formal occasions or casual chic with jeans.”

Lorante shoes are a work of art in leather, designed for the distinctive fit and individual taste of a fashion-conscious gentleman.

All 23 models in the collection are named for the geographic features and historic locales of Tuscany, a nod to the region’s renowned craftsmanship. “Tuscany is a very important shoe region with a production chain stretching from design and materials to artisans that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world,” says Andrea. “Now with just a few clicks online, we are offering customers access to all that.”

The Leonardo model is a black Oxford wingtip able to adapt to any outfit. “The Leonardo model is a classic, an essential every man should own,” says Lorenzo.
Men's shoes from Florence
The Leonardo model, the most classic in the Lorante collection, is a black Oxford wingtip that every man should own.

With brown tones, a bit more aggressive and trendy, the Lapo model is fine even with jeans because it gives refinement and a casual touch to the look. The Prado model is the ideal ankle boot for those looking for a casual, informal yet decisive style without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Lorante Handmade in Tuscany communicates with clients to establish a direct relationship, ensuring that shoes fit and meet expectations. “Beside the quality we have a personal approach,” he says.

And beyond e-commerce, their dream is to have brick-and-mortar outlets in European and U.S. cities. “We like the feeling of a bottega – warm and personal.”

Yet Lorante is already a bottega online. Lorenzo and Andrea provide solid guidance on what styles are best for you, even personalizing them with a custom-made choice. They will also give you useful care tips to maintain the beauty of your favorite Lorante shoes.

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