Bagheria’s vibrant Villa Scaduto Residence


Blessed by the sun-kissed Sicilian sea and sky, the town of Bagheria was long a fashionable retreat for Palermo’s elite. They built opulent baroque villas such as Villa Palagonia that became attractions in their own right as the aristocracy whiled away their holidays in splendor. The palatial homes even inspired writers such as Alexander Dumas, Wolfang Goethe, André Breton and Luis Borge.
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Behind the leafy façade, the hotel has plenty of character and offers 11 serviced apartments with kitchenettes and two hotel rooms.

Today one of those villas has been transformed into a small luxury hotel serving visitors who arrive to enjoy the climate and colorful history of Sicily.

Villa Scaduto Residence, only 10 minutes from Palermo, was once the summer home of the Barons of Scaduto. It took 10 years of effort and commitment by owner Antonio Galbo to bring his vision of a fine hotel in an historic villa to fruition. The once-abandoned 19th century building has historic preservation status, so the approval process proved as complex as Palermo’s architecture.

Following renovation, the Villa Scaduto now offers convenience and warm hospitality to visitors from across the globe, says manager Giacomo Galbo, Antonio’s 30-year-old son. Behind the leafy façade, the hotel has plenty of character and offers 11 serviced apartments with kitchenettes and two hotel rooms.
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The Museo Guttuso, which just reopened after a long restoration, is located nearby at Villa Cattolica.

The comfortable hotel residence is just 300 meters from Bagheria train station, which is itself just a 10-minute train trip from downton Palermo. The seaside hamlet of Aspra is 1.5 km away and it takes just 45 minutes to drive to Cefalù, whose cathedral is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The Duomo of Cefalù was erected in 1131 in the Norman architectural style following a vow made by the King of Sicily Roger II upon his escape to land on the city’s beach.

But the local scenery has its own strong allure. “Bagheria is not well enough publicized,” says Giacomo. “It has stunning panoramas and access to the sea in an area that remains wild, unexplored and unspoiled. The marine hamlet of Aspra and the beach of Mongerbino are an amazing retreat. From here you can enjoy a super panorama of sparkling Cape Mongerbino and Cape Zafferano.”
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Comfort and convenience in an unpretentious style, with a warm-hearted staff who offer a wide range of services.

You can rent an electric bike from the Bagheria station or take a bus to reach the coastal areas of the town.

Open year-round, the hotel offers rooms ranging in size from 20 to 35 square meters that can be turned into suites through adjoining doors. Also available for long-term stays, the rooms are outfitted “in a clean, functional style”, Giacomo says. Rooms are priced at 50 to 100 euros a night depending on the season and the size.

“A 15 percent discount is given for weeklong stays and all include a daily full buffet breakfast,” says the friendly owner.

For those who don’t want to cook, there are plenty of restaurants nearby offering the local cuisine for which Sicily is also renowned. The island's culinary tradition is incredible: It draws from the ancient Greeks, Arabs and Normans. In Bagheria you can get the best ‘sfincione’ (Sicilian pizza): The dough is sweet and soft and it is topped with onions and anchovies but no tomatoes.

Bagheria has an interesting museum totally dedicated to the work of native son Renato Guttuso, one of the most tantalizing Italian painters of the 20th century. The Museo Guttuso, which just reopened after a long restoration, is located at Villa Cattolica. Bagheria has been chosen for its beauty as set for films productions by several film directors include Giuseppe Tornatore, Francis Ford Coppola and Michelangelo Antonioni.
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The small fishing village of St. Elia near Bagheria offers the texture of Sicily amid unspoiled nature.

The Villa Scaduto Residence has plenty of parking and is sited not far from the main highway to Palermo.

This 4-star residence offers comfort and convenience in an unpretentious style by the warm-hearted staff who offer a wide range of services to make your stay a pleasant experience.

“And we are also improving the level of services all the time,” Giacomo Galbo says. “WiFi is everywhere in the villa, which also has a nice outdoor terrace so our customers can enjoy a relaxing evening and chill out,” says Giacomo.