Baglio Regia Corte: Weddings, Sicilian style


Midway between Palermo and Trapani in the sun-drenched countryside of Sicily, a scenic inn is offering complete, engaging wedding packages to couples from across Italy and the world.

Baglio Regia Corte in Partinico along the northwest coast of the island hosts colorful celebrations that evoke the richness of this ancient land. Its full range of services include banquets replete with renowned Sicilian cuisine, traditional dances and local wines to help make it a truly memorable, festive occasion for couples and their guests.

They can also organize the marriage rite itself in the area’s beautiful old churches and city halls.
Baglio Regia Corte
Dinners and wedding signing ceremonies are held the ornate piazza.

Wedding dinners and wedding signing ceremonies are held in an ornate piazza surrounded by baroque buildings built of Sicilian stone down through the ages. The site has typical 18th century rural beam architecture surrounded by buildings that open onto a spacious courtyard.

Vincenzo Artale, 29, manager of Baglio Regia, calls the wedding parties they offer a “jump into the past with captivating scenery in the traditions lived by the old Sicilian bourgeoisie”.

After the wedding, guests and the lucky couple are immersed in the Mediterranean countryside, where the rich texture of 10 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and gardens with elm, oak and pistachio trees offer the setting for the ongoing gala.

They also enjoy top modern services. From the moment they arrive in Sicily, transport and accommodation are provided to all participants, while pre-ceremony preparations can include makeup and hairdressing for the bride and her ladies. Photography and video services are also offered to record the important day. As a full wedding planner, the inn can also help in selection of the best Sicilian boutiques for the perfect bridal gown.
Weddings in Sicily
Guests and the lucky couple are immersed in the Mediterranean countryside.

Further enriching the festivities are traditional Sicilian dancing troupes, local or international music and all the accouterments of a storybook Sicilian wedding.

Organized by the Artale family, each wedding is custom-fitted to meet the dreams of clients. The bride, groom and their families usually stay in the eight rooms of the Baglio Regia Corte, with the rest of the entourage and guests housed in nearby hotels.

Sicilian warmth and tradition is also brought to the table. The day of celebration includes a six-course meal and buffets with 20 different entrees. The cuisine is typical of the region – a stunning array of authentic Mediterranean cooking, all homemade and sourced locally. A wide range of Sicilian wines completes the gustatory extravaganza.

The Baglio Corte Regia offers wedding parties all year long. During the warmer months, from April to November, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

Baglio Regia Corte is a unique and beautifully crafted country inn where every detail is thoughtfully designed. Combining classic Sicilian architecture with modernity, its rooms have an abundance of sympathetically restored old-world Sicilian charm and all modern conveniences.

The friendly owners, the Artale family, welcome the spouses and their guests in an oasis of authentic old-style Sicilian atmosphere.

Following the big day, couples and their guests can tour other towns and regions. The Baglio Corte Regia is in Partinico, a little town under a steep cliff in the province of Palermo that to the west borders more renowned Alcamo, a historic town in the province of Trapani. The father of musical genius Frank Zappa came from Partinico.
Baglio Regia Corte
Poolside parties amid the Sicilian climate make it a memorial occasion.

The inn is just 10 kilometers from Castellemare del Golfo, a very friendly town renowned for sun, sea and history. Or depart on a 20 minute-drive to the ancient city of Segesta founded more than 2,500 years ago. Here you can admire one the most important Hellenic temples in the world. Enroute to Trapani, spouses can ascend high in the sky aboard a cable car to the town of Erice. As legend goes, the son of Venus and Poisedon established the town in ancient times when he built a temple to honor his mother, the goddess of love. Admire Erice’s cyclopean walls and sweeping views of Trapani and the stunning Aegadian islands. The tour obviously can’t miss an attentive visit to wonderful Palermo, one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world.

Baglio Regia Corte offers all the beauty and atmosphere for classic Sicilian nuptials – truly a romantic spot to tie the knot.