The silky sensuality of Tina Arena fashions

Inspired by the pure dancing light and frail beauty of Murano glass, Tina Arena is creating diaphanous silk fashions that capture the glow of a summer afternoon. Her namesake atelier in Messina, Sicily shimmers with handmade gowns and suits, all created and crafted by Tina with her own hands, vision and skill.
Tina Arena fashions, Messina,Italy
Short in front and long in back, “Butterfly” is a buoyant party dress that makes a woman rise above the crowd.

“I am enraptured by sunny colors,” she says, “in particular golds – golden reds, platinum gold and dark gold.”

She combines those with the greens of water and blues of tiffany and turquoise to give the same feeling of delight felt on a perfectly sunlit day.

“My dresses must express lightness,” she says. And to her that starts with only the most precious fabrics. Tina uses georgette, chiffon and taffeta – all silks with different expressions – that are cut and crafted with artistry. Tina uses the most rigorous tailoring techniques to painstakingly construct and envelope the womanly form with the flourish of couture.

The Sicilian designer also hand paints and embroiders details and accoutrements, an approach that ensures each piece is truly unique and of the highest quality.

“I also like details made with lace,” she says. “Black lace is very Sicilian, but I prefer it mixed with gold.”

Another element of her style is a clean cut in design. “If the fabric is precious, the cut must be clean,” she stresses. “I don’t like designs that are decorated like a Christmas tree.”

Her super-feminine and chic clothes are an extension of her personal style. Detailing and fabrics play a huge role in designing a collection. The exquisite quality of embroidery on rich fabrics make for truly beautiful garments.
Tina Arena English news Italy
Tina Arena created “Luxury” in satin and lace for a television ad campaign. “If the fabric is precious, the cut must be clean,” the designer stresses.

As a teenager Tina took a keen interest in the creation of garments including bridal wear. Today her bridal collection is infused with angelic pastels, embellishments and cuts that highlight the artistry of the designer.

And she knows a lot about cut after earning diploma in Milan as a designer and pattern maker. Though her educational background was in classical studies including Greek and Latin, Tina always had a creative flourish as she dressed differently than her college classmates.

Of the many she looked to for inspiration, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Valentino, Armani, Alberta Ferretti top the list. They inspired her to do something of her own. “Cavalli was my first love for its incredible use of leather,” she says.

At first self-taught, she later immersed herself in the world of fashion, then struck out on her own. Her first catwalk show was held in 2002, and her brand and atelier Tina Arena was founded in 2006. She had shows in Bucharest, Monte Carlo and venues across France over the past six seasons.

Today she continues to make her mark with the brand headquartered at 297 Viale Regina Elena in Messina opened to welcome the Tina Arena woman.

That Tina Arena woman “is not a teenager”, notes the designer. “She is more than 35 years old. Many ladies in their 50s are still so beautiful because they have a healthy lifestyle. My ideal client is not extremely thin: She is tall and has soft curves.”
Tina Arena English news Italy
Precious perfection: Two evening dresses in platinum gold that are daring, classy and glamorous.

Tina Arena certainly has the right cuts to hold you in, push you up and hug your curves in all the right places. Her very feminine handmade, one-of-a-kind creations are somewhat sober, completely exclusive and carefully curated in every detail.

Nothing is more subtly seductive than a revealing, low-cut open back. Whether it’s slashed, strapped or cut out, offering a slight peekaboo or full exposure, this sexy style is made for a perfect evening out.

Tina Arena backless dresses, gowns and ’60s revisited tailleurs have even caught the attention of the movie business. She is now cooperating with Italian film director Carlo Fusco to create the costumes for a thriller titled “The Cheat” set in Sicily starring famed French actor Jean Reno. Her atelier will also dress all the actors and actresses of the cast for the premier of the Italian-American production and its gala parties.

But like so many from Sicily before her, America is Tina’s big dream. "I would like to make my label international and it's my dream to have my own corner somewhere in the U.S. That is certainly my dream,” she says.
Tina Arena fashions, Messina,Italy
Tina Arena (right) with a model wearing one of her finished creations.

Tina Arena’s multi-disciplinary approach and flexibility make her a real talent to watch. She also a painter and ceramist.

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