Wrongly channeling Fellini? Naked German cavorts in Trevi Fountain

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Police officials in Rome detained and fined a 40-year-old German man for stripping down and dancing naked in the Trevi Fountain. His was the latest in a string of tourist splashes into the iconic fountain, a trend seemingly inspired by Anita Ekberg’s impulsive foray into its waters in the 1960 Federico Fellini film “La Dolce Vita”.

Police said the man was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when arrested.

He was the latest in a line of visitors fined for frolicking in the Baroque masterpiece. According to police officials, many have come from America. Last summer two young Californians were each ordered to pay a €450 fine after they were caught cavorting the fountain.

Fine for dancing in Trevi Fountain
A Twitter user posted this framed ticket issued to his parents by Rome's city police for wading into the Trevi Fountain.

Apparently unaware the Fellini film depicts the decadent lives of the idle rich and angst of modern life, some fountain-side revelers seem to think a dip into its waters is an ecstatic expression of deep romance.

One Twitter member has even posted a framed ticket issued to his parents for their illicit interlude into the waters of the Trevi, a fine denominated in lira not euros, showing the aquatic assignation took place before Italy began using common currency in 2002.

Police and preservation officials take a dim view of such violations, no matter how romantically inclined. They again stated their policy that the “police of Rome confirm and reiterate the special attention given to preserving and protecting the heritage of Rome’s monuments”.

They said they are also trying to determine what led the latest offender to shed his clothes and dance in the fabled Trevi.