Brand Italy now 9th most valuable globally

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If Italy were a brand it would be the 9th most valuable in the world.

That was the finding of the UK-based business analysis company Brand Finance, which evaluated countries across the globe using a range of metrics to give each a ranking of its overall economic value in 2016.

The report, made in conjunction with the FDI Intelligence unit of Britain’s Financial Times, says brand Italy is worth $1.521 trillion, a 21 percent increase over the previous study, as Italy overtook former No 9 Switzerland.

Leading the list is the United States with a brand value of $19.3 trillion, followed by China at $7.1 trillion and Germany with $3.9 trillion.

According to the influential Il Sole 24 Ore business newspaper, “Italy’s image among potential international investors has improved but there continues to be room for further growth”.

“Its image among international consumers is sky-high and highlights Italy’s impressive performance exporting quality goods and services. This positive image is particularly pronounced among American consumers.”

“Italy’s greatest improvement is in the image of its society, with only perceptions of the judicial system remaining low. The country has also improved perceptions of its investment climate. While most still have a low opinion of Italy’s governance environment, the private sector market and the market for talent are very well regarded. Perception of Italy’s goods and services have also improved across all pillars: governance, the private sector market and tourism all improved slightly,” said the national publication based in Milan.

The global highpoints from Brand Finance found that:

  • The US is the world’s most valuable nation brand with a $19.3 trillion brand value
  • Germany is the strongest nation brand, with a score of 75.84 out of 100
  • Qatar is the fastest-growing nation brand; its brand value was up 39 percent to $256 billion
  • Ukraine was the fastest in decline; its brand value was down 37 percent to $80 billion
  • The impact of conflict has been felt in Russia too; its brand value was down $90 billion
Italy brand value
Italy is in the top 10 for brand value of countries.