About us

Vision statement

Following surprising social and political developments in the last half of 2016, the team at Luminosity Italia became determined to redouble efforts in providing accurate, authentic and thoughtful information about Italy to discerning English-language readers.

Jon Van Housen and Mariella Radaelli, our founders and editors, watched with dismay as misinformation and poorly curated English content spread across the online community. As the New Year dawned, they knew it was not only desirable, but actually incumbent on them, to take on the daunting task of launching an online English-language news portal.

“Our modest effort is a contribution to public discourse, now more than ever threatened by intentionally untrue information spread online,” says Van Housen, a professional American journalist with more than three decades of experience.

“Traditional, so-called ‘old media’, professionals like us must adapt to new ways of communicating while remaining true to the standards of professional skill and fundamental ethics passed on by our teachers, mentors and the grizzled print editors who went before us,” he adds.

Radaelli, a veteran writer for a range of international and Italian national publications, says that “in times of uncertainty, the very traditional practices of reporting come to acquire an entirely new meaning through the Internet”.

“We give our readers the essential attitude of authenticity as we discover, reveal and analyze, caring more about quality than quantity – we agree with Tacitus, who wrote that “truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty”.

Since its founding in 2015, Luminosity Italia has provided news, feature stories and analyses to a range of print publications in the US, the Middle East and China. Its agency also provides written content to Italian business clients.

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